About us

Welcome to our blog!
Please note though, this blog is not about us, it’s about YOU!
But before we elaborate on that, we would like to introduce ourselves first.
We are Emgee and Christine from a small city 97 km north of Bacolod: Escalante. We are founders of Get Spotted, offering stylish clothes and startup brand, MUM, catering to breastfeeding moms, respectively.
Emgee is a stylist by profession after earning her certificate in Fashion Styling from the School of Fashion and the Arts. Christine, on the otherhand, is a CPA and a mother of two.
On Emgee: Get Spotted Christy Top
On Christine: Get Spotted Demma Top
Growing up in a small (then) town of Escalante, we were not that exposed to the big city lifestyle.
However, our biggest style influencer was our mother who would spend most of her salary as a nurse buying us clothes…LOL. There was no facebook then, and the internet was not as ubiquitous. Our source of what’s “in” was the television. Growing up, we had our fair share of fashion experiments that we regret. However we now realize that those moments led us to discovering our personal style.

So we said, this blog is about YOU.

In the course of meeting different clients for our start-up businesses, we encountered people with defined styles who we really look up to. They know what they want. They know what they don’t want. They know what looks good on them and they are comfortable with that.

On the other hand, we saw clients who do not know what to buy because they don’t know what suits them, their lifestyle and their personalities.

Thus, this blog.

This blog will feature some of the most stylish persons who have already discovered their personal style and have known what they want.

These are the people with (more or less) curated wardrobes. And though they admit to have fashion misses, they, for sure have go-to “uniforms” when they have “nothing to wear.”

Emgee is the more ruffles-and-laces type of person. She likes experimenting on layers and textures of clothes. She is the one who you’d most likely see wearing print-on-print or bold color-on-bold color clothes.
Christine has the more classic preference for clothes. She likes basic colors and minimizes on prints. Since she has become a mother, she prefers one-step clothes only with the least frills. Although she sometimes experiments on cuts and colors, as much as possible she stays to her “basics only” core.
On Christine: Raven Culottes and Aspen Top from Get Spotted Holiday Collection 2018
On Emgee: Persephone Long Vest and Raven Culottes from Get Spotted Holiday Collection 2018

Are you a hippie? Do you like laces and is more of the girly type? Do you like to wear black all the time? Or do you like your outfits crisp?

Get to know our fashionable muses. Maybe you can relate to one of them. Maybe your style is a mix of some of them.

Let us help you find your personal style.

Weekly, we’ll add one style muse that we will get to know better. So just once a week, spare us a minute of your time or two…log it for Style o’clock!

P.s. This blog is made possible through our collaboration with Daryl, the creative brain behind daryljimenea.com. He developed and maintains getspottedshop.com and this blog, along with many others. Daryl’s tech creativity is beyond the roof. His expertise lies in cameras and computer. He captured all of the pics in this blog as well as all of our Facebook profile pictures. LOL. Daryl is so creative and so good with computers and the lens, we sometimes think he talks to them. Like they have a secret brotherhood or something. Sad though, that he wont pose with us in our pics because he’d rather want to stay anonymous ala Banksy and Bob Ong. As to Daryl’s personal style, as long as it fits, he’s ok with anything. I guess that holds true with most men. Or all men.

Love lots @_@,
Emgee and Christine